Luca Ronconi

Principal investigator

Since 2022, Luca is an Associate Professor of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the School of Psychology of Vita-Salute San Raffale University, Milan, where he was previously appointed as tenure-track Assistant Professor (2019-2022). He completed his PhD in Psychological Sciences at the University of Padova (2014), and post-doctoral trainings both at the University of Padova (2014-2016) and at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) of the University of Trento (2016-2019). He also spent periods as visiting researcher abroad in Cambridge (UK, 2012-2013) and Münster (Germany, 2017).

His main research interests are the functional role of neural oscillations in determining human perception and cognition. He also studies clinical populations, in particular with autism spectrum disorder and developmental dyslexia, to clarify how anomalies in basic sensory/cognitive functions and related 'oscillopathies' can give rise to derailments of more complex domains.

Giuseppe Di Dona

Post-doctoral researcher

His research interests cover the field of cognitive neuroscience of speech perception and reading with a special focus on electrophysiological activity and neural oscillations. In his PhD work at the University of Trento, he studied the neurocognitive mechanisms subserving the integration of linguistic and talker-related information during speech perception using EEG and behavioural techniques.

In the lab he will focus on the relationship of oscillatory neural activity and correct letter segregation in crowded contexts as well as on the potential benefits of tACS stimulation and behavioural training on reading skills in adults with Developmental Dyslexia.

Denisa Zamfira

PhD student

Denisa is a licensed psychologist who completed her Master’s degrees in Body and Mind Sciences and in Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology at the University of Turin. During her undergraduate studies she collaborated on several research projects investigating the neurophysiological underpinnings of pain perception and its modulation.

In her PhD project she seeks to better characterize the potential alterations of fronto-parietal beta oscillations and possible new remediation strategies in adults with developmental dyslexia using eye tracking, EEG and non-invasive brain stimulation (e.g. tACS).

Martina Battista

Research assistant

After graduating in Psychology at the University of Trento, Martina collaborated with David Melcher's group at CIMeC in Trento and then as a project assistant for the New York University Abu-Dhabi. Her research activity has been focused on predictive and integration mechanisms of trans-saccadic perception using eye-tracking and M/EEG.

Her main interest is in visual perception and she is currently focuses on the role of neural oscillations in spatial and temporal integration/segregation during reading in people with developmental dyslexia.


Gianluca Marsicano

1-year post-graduate intern in the lab, he is now a PhD student at the University of Bologna, working with Prof. Caterina Bertini.

During his stay in the laboratory, Gianluca’s research activity has been focused in investigating the EEG correlates of attentional zoom-lens anomalies in individuals with ASD using multivariate pattern analyses. Moreover, he conducted EEG experiments on audiovisual integration processes, and studied these same mechanisms using web-based psychophysical paradigms.